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Good Evenin'

I consider myself a budding brolita & aristocrat & I'm also a TV cameraman. I'm co-producing a Lolita lifestyle pilot TV programme "Porcelain Dolls: Realities of Fantasy" as well as a series of Lolita programmes focusing on different topics.

My crew & I will be at London's MCM Expo on Friday 27th & Saturday 28th of May filming shots for both the videos & TV pilot. 
I stress that the focus will be on the EGL fashion rather than Cosplay Lolita fashion.

My recent coverages included a Lolita art exhibition by The Thames involving The Tea Party Club
The ♥ Japan fund-raiser in April
& The Lolita in Wonderland event last weekend

The videos which will eventually be made available for sale will also include coverage of the various & diverse meets around the UK, special events such as Hyper Japan as well as tutorials & discussions...
Not to mention specially shot sequences which aim to bring the wonderful photoshoots of the Lolita Bibles to life for UK Lolitas!

I'd love to film fun & informal interviews along with charming & attractive video-shoots. The Thames at MCM with its cranes & trees looks gorgeous in the sun...if it doesn't rain :-p Also we'll be filming the various Lolita orientated stalls too.

Examples of previous Lolita videos can be found on my channel "TheTelegothika" on youtube. Feel free to message me for more details :-)

Would be lovely to meet up & film at MCM!

Bodyline & general questions

Hello there!

I've found this community really helpful & friendly since being alerted as to its presence after I got involved with Lolita.
The articles have been great & its wonderful seeing the committment & creativity involved.I can't see why anyone would want to wear anything else! Its such a beautiful fashion when made & worn with care. For guys who like it its a shame that Topman or male stores can't stock it, grr. 

Anywho...I'm digressing. I was just wondering if there are many other "brother lolitas" out there, as I'd like to buy some items but am wondering about sizing & such as the Engrish can make one feel a bit wary about ordering incase it comes out wrong.
I'm having to start at the non-brand level atm, as uni is proving really expensive & I've just started up a business. Bodyline has some lovely items.. But what does "back centre of length" actually mean? May it simply mean the total length of the dress for instance?

Any advice would be helpful with regard to ordering. I  find that the review posts are brilliant for info, but I haven't seen this question answered...especially from this perspective!