thetelegothika's Journal

23 March
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Sometimes I feel I'm just a collection of acronyms to the wider world; an EGL who likes to listen to ELO & who works in OB with the BBC. Anywho, I'm a TV cameraman & film technology graduate. I run an event coverage company called The OB Crowd Ltd & I'm excited to say that I'm co-producing a brand new Lolita pilot TV programme!!

I'm a brolita & urban explorer, basically I wear period-esque clothing not meant for me & explore edgy places I shouldn't be.
Always had an appreciation for Victorian clothes since I was a kid, before being introduced to Japanese culture last year, whereupon I was unexpectedly sucked into the jet-engine of Lolita fashion...& I haven't gotten out since. A sort of Alan in Wonderland, rather than an Alice, though I'm not called Alan either.
I'm as happy soldering cables together & carting cameras around as I am sketching dress co-ords, baking cakes & reading Regency novels.

Signed onto Live Journal to fuel my passion for finding out & wearing more of EGL, EGA, Sweet & Aristocrat lolita fashion (not to mention their associated pursuits.) Also looking to chat, get tips & spread the word about the Lolita programme I'm making!
Ciao for now :-)